Laboratory Analyses

As each type of commodity has own characteristics, analyses are performed in different laboratories. Each laboratory has accreditation for the limited quantity of products. Therefore our company works with a large number of laboratories. Despite this there are cases when product needs not-standard kind of analysis, for which laboratories have not accreditation for. In such cases analyses are performed on equipment with suitable characteristics and thereby the accuracy of results is not harmed. However in the laboratory certificate there will be no reference to an accreditation ID.

For proper laboratory results using, we strictly recommend our clients to declare standard for each parameter of the commodity and permissible values for each of parameters. It allows immediately realize whether the product corresponds to requirements of Contract or no.

For correct getting of analyses results a surveyor performs the following actions:

    • sampling in accordance the applicable standard or Contract requirements. It could be point or composite samples. Quantity and weight of samples are controlled as well;
    • performs packing, marking and sealing of samples;
    • supervise on storage conditions of samples and deliver them to a laboratory;
    • if requested, supervise the analyses procedure.

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