Fruit and vegetables quality expertise

Fruit and vegetables quality expertise


SKS company performing quality expertise at high level. Our base advantage is the widest network of employees in cities of Russia, which provide availability of service and quickness of an inspection. The performing expertise staff has the relevant experience and passed the training. It allows ascertaining a fruit class precisely and quickly. Thanks to this we’ve considerably decreased duration of expertise which is important for big companies – our customers. Company management system is certified for compliance with standard ISO 9001:2008.

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For expertise of the imported to Russian Federation vegetables and fruits the UNECE FFV standards are most widely used. Rarely standards OECD and GOST (Russian standard) are used. In case of confirmed agreements between shipper and the consignee presence we able to apply standards mentioned in the contract.

Advantages of our service:
— Adequacy of expertise, which allow to settle of claims between shipper and consignee
— The widest network of employees, representatives and agents in Russia
— High speed of reporting (1 day / 365)
— readability and pithiness of survey reports

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