Cargo Tally

Usually tally used for determination of quantity of ship’s consignments. Tallymen works onboard the ship or at berth. The often used practice – tally during trucks/vans loading/discharging at berth. It gives possibility of trucks/vans loading control and checking of total quantity of the ship’s consignment.

Mostly the very service is used for piece-cargo (break bulk cargo) which is shipped by ship parcels and with relative high cost of a piece: foods, fertilizers in big-bags, rolled steel, non-ferrous metals, plywood, building materials etc.

Tally is hard work with high probability of a mistake. Therefore we train our stuff for self-checking and mistake avoiding methods.

As each king/article of product has own price, the tally is performed for each item separately. If necessary we issue Packing List for a loaded vehicle. After work finish the total cargo quantity is compared with quantity as per cargo documents. In case of considerable difference in this figures we report to client immediately.

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