containers and shipping

We provide container cargo inspections at all customs terminals of Russian sea ports (St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Murmansk). We have necessary permissions for attending your cargo at most of terminals in each Russian port.

Customs/Veterinary/Phytosanitary inspection supervision:

  • seals checking and container unsealing;
  • cargo stowage photos;
  • cargo temperature measurement;
  • authorities inspection supervision;
  • cargo samples photos;
  • container sealing and photos;

In case of cargo discharging on request of the customs officer we perform additional actions:

  • the discharged cargo tally;
  • cargo(packing) damage inspection;
  • unit weighing supervision;
  • marking correctness (correspondence with the actual commodity);
  • photo/video;
  • on-line informing in case of rough cargo handling which causes damage to cargo;
  • cargo stowage photos while cargo outside the container and after container stuffing;
  • Container damage inspection;
  • Container sealing / additional container sealing with high-protect seals.

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